There are general differences between the various ornamental groupings and the elements that affect them. What types of diseases target tropical foliage crops? An exceptional landscape plant, new Ablazin’ salvia provides large flowers with consumer-friendly attributes. Capitalizing on the efficiency of propane applications can have a significant impact on cost savings and emission reduction. Biochar research performed at the Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute shows promising results. Why do sprench applications seem to be growing in popularity? Keep an eye on your fertilizer injectors and they will help you produce quality plant material. These 40 individuals are propelling the horticulture industry forward.
April 23, 2015
Pleasant View Gardens announced the promotion of Andy Huntington to national sales manager. Huntington will drive revenue and profit growth; oversee national, territory and... more
April 22, 2015
Costa Farms has begun installing new solar panels at the company’s headquarters in Miami. Two other buildings will also be receiving part of the 861 solar panels that cover... more
April 20, 2015
During California Spring Trials, Syngenta Flowers announced the winners of the 2015 Glenn Goldsmith Breeding Excellence Scholarship and the Goldsmith Seeds Floriculture... more
April 17, 2015
LumiGrow has partnered with SparkFund to offer customers a private-label payment plan. The plan, which installs lighting upgrades at no upfront cost, will happen for 42... more
April 13, 2015
Figure 1. Sprench applications of PGRs have become more popular on aggressive bedding plant crops such as petunia. I’ve noticed an increasing trend in the use of sprench... more
April 13, 2015
 Abalzin' salvia is currently offered in two colors: Tabasco and Purple. Salvia is one of the most traditional consumer gardening flowers, combining easy care and a long... more
April 13, 2015
‘Hipsters Zooey’ is heat tolerant and performs well across much of the country. Best leaf coloration occurs in locations with morning sun and afternoon shade. For more than... more
April 13, 2015
For years, the horticulture industry has been at the forefront of the sustainability discussion. Greenhouses and nurseries were using recycled materials and initiating waste... more
April 13, 2015
Vessel Bio Products is situated within the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s BioHio Research Park. The horticultural division of Vessel specializes in... more
‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen

Laser Snowridge cyclamen boast thick petals with a distinct white edge. They hold up well to Botrytis and heat stress in pots or when planted in garden beds.
Plants are ready for transplant 10 to 12 weeks from sow in a 288 tray. Transplant plug with at least a third of the corm above the... more

  • ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
    Laser Snowridge cyclamen boast thick petals with a distinct white edge. They hold up well to Botrytis and heat stress in pots or when planted in garden beds. Plants are ready for transplant 10 to 12...
    ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
  • ‘Success! Pink’ & ‘Success! White’ Petunias
    Bred for earliness, Success! petunias are seven days earlier than other petunias. They are uniform in both timing and habit. Success! can be used in pots, hanging baskets, mixed containers and the...
    ‘Success! Pink’ & ‘Success! White’ Petunias
  • Trifolium '4 Luck Red Green'
    ‘4 Luck Red Green’ will add excitement for all gardeners. It is cold tolerant to Zone 4 but also tolerates temperatures more than 100° F. The brilliance of the leaf color increases with cool...
    Trifolium '4 Luck Red Green'
  • Rex begonia
    Rex begonia ‘Jurassic Green Streak’ boasts bold colors and patterns for deep shade. Fast to finish, this variety reaches 10 to 16 inches tall and spreads 8 to 12 inches.
    Rex begonia
  • Abelia
    The leaf variegation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ is striking and dramatic. Changing colors emerge on bright red stems with lime-green centers and bright yellow edges. When summer arrives, the yellow matures to...
  • Kong Jr.’s heart-shaped leaves are 30 percent smaller than the original Kong’s, but just as stunning. Leaf size is well matched across the series. These new coleus varieties perform well in...
  • ‘Cartwheel Strawberry Twist’ is a unique variety with spectacular bicolor patterns. It features large, semi-double flowers on compact plants that give a new dimension to gerbera as a pot plant....
  • ‘Freefall Marina’ is a trailing pansy with true winter flowering performance. The low spreading habit makes it ideal for use in late summer production, as it is less prone to stretching. The...
  • The reblooming ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ is bred by Peter Moore of the U.K. It boasts striking large scarlet flowers with green-purple foliage. ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ loves the sun and attracts bees and butterflies...
  • The Real collection of leucanthemum features a sturdy, upright habit that needs no staking. ‘Real Galaxy’ has many layers of fine fringed petals pure white in color with contrasting deep golden...
Growers and garden center retailers need varied solutions to meet their particular needs to stay abreast of the exploding demand for edible and fragrant herbs and vegetables... more
Stone Creek Hydroponics, a family-owned and operated farm in northeast Georgia, knows how to adapt to customer needs. When owner Zachary Unruh started the business in 2010,... more
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