2015 Spring Trials Standouts GPN is celebrating 25 years! These rose varieties offer gardeners easy maintenance with a classic look. Dahlia Go Go Series: The demand for Dahlias is strong
August 03, 2015
Emerald Coast Growers has released the latest edition of its Resource Guide both in print and online. With a user-friendly design targeted with grower and broker buying... more
August 03, 2015
Proven Winners has announced the dates and locations for its 2015 Road Shows. Proven Winners' team of plant and retail professionals, including John Gaydos, Dave Konsoer, and... more
July 30, 2015
AgriNomix recently broke ground on a build-out that will enable the company to expand its current manufacturing capabilities in Oberlin, Ohio. Company operations will be... more
July 29, 2015
Berger unveiled plans for the construction of a peat processing and bagging plant in Rivière-Pentecôte on the North Shore of Quebec. "The establishment of this plant on the... more
July 10, 2015
If you were to rate your meetings (management/sales/production) what grade (0 to 10) would you give them?  If you asked your team members if your meetings with them were... more
July 10, 2015
Monarchs, and Apis and ground bees, oh my!  The plight of pollinators has thrust pollinator health into the center of AmericanHort’s government relations agenda. And... more
July 10, 2015
On average, since World War II, we have had recessions every six-and-a-half years. The current economic expansion is rapidly approaching its six-year anniversary, and I know... more
July 10, 2015
Carving a niche for one’s business comes easy for some, for others it’s a challenge. Regardless of the obstacles, it is becoming more and more important for growers to... more
July 09, 2015
Many large-scale commercial growers utilize automated booms to deliver water, nutrient solutions, pesticides and/or plant growth regulators to crops. Some growers have also... more
‘Caloha Tricolor’

‘Caloha Tricolor’ features distinctive pink flowers with a magenta rim and yellow eye. It has a trailing habit and can be used in beds and baskets.

  • ‘Caloha Tricolor’
    ‘Caloha Tricolor’ features distinctive pink flowers with a magenta rim and yellow eye. It has a trailing habit and can be used in beds and baskets.
    ‘Caloha Tricolor’
  • ‘Li’l Bang Enchanted Eve’
    ‘Li’l Bang Enchanted Eve’ features single, dark yellow flowers with a vibrant red-orange center. It is very compact and does not require vernalization. Li’l Bangs produce a lot of large flowers over...
    ‘Li’l Bang Enchanted Eve’
  • Kniphofia
    A fast-growing perennial, ‘Poco Red’ is bred to produce very short grassy leaves and a compact habit. It is defined by its large spikes of red flowers and is ideal for small gardens or tight borders...
  • Blackberry Cheesecake
    A new addition to the Crazytunia series, Blackberry Cheesecake features unique lemon- and plum-colored flowers. With a trailing, mounded habit, it will work well in 4- to 6-inch pots as well as...
    Blackberry Cheesecake
  • Sedum 'Lemon Coral'
    ‘Lemon Coral’ exhibits strong heat and drought tolerance. This succulent accent spiller can be used in containers, monoculture hanging baskets or combinations with other medium-vigor varieties.
    Sedum 'Lemon Coral'
  • fuchsia, ‘Happy Lights’
    An ultra-tough fuchsia, ‘Happy Lights’ is bred for extreme heat and sun tolerance. It boasts semi-double, soft pink flowers with lilac-mauve petals that retain their elegance and appeal.
    fuchsia, ‘Happy Lights’
  • coleus
    ‘Campfire’ presents bright, eye-catching orange foliage for landscapes and patios. It stays vibrant in both full sun and shade, and grows 14-36 inches tall with a 24- to 36-inch spread.
  • ‘Inca Light Yellow’ & ‘Inca Lucky’
    Inca alstroemeria is available in a variety of stunning colors, from delicate whites and yellows to rich shades of red and purple. Bloom time for Inca is May-October, and the series performs well in...
    ‘Inca Light Yellow’ & ‘Inca Lucky’
  • ‘Bossa Nova Ivory’ & ‘Bossa Nova Pink Glow’
    Launched in 2014, Bossa Nova is a revolutionary alternative to cutting-raised begonia. Pink Glow and Ivory are two new colors added to the series for 2015. Bred for its branching and floriferous...
    ‘Bossa Nova Ivory’ & ‘Bossa Nova Pink Glow’
  • Growth Products
    This pH reducer is a 100 percent organic citric acid solution designed for use on all vegetable, herb, field and permanent crops. A safe alternative to corrosive acids, it lowers the pH of soilless...
    Growth Products
Growers and garden center retailers need varied solutions to meet their particular needs to stay abreast of the exploding demand for edible and fragrant herbs and vegetables... more
Stone Creek Hydroponics, a family-owned and operated farm in northeast Georgia, knows how to adapt to customer needs. When owner Zachary Unruh started the business in 2010,... more
Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light from the light emitting plasma offering from LUXIM in Sunnyvale, Calif. What differentiates plasma grow lighting from... more
Smith Gardens, with locations in Oregon, Washington and California, has been serving the Pacific Northwest market for over 100 years. Each year the family-run operation ships... more
During the one-hour webinar, Paul Pilon, Perennial Solutions Consulting, will cover both common as well as less familiar issues growers can encounter... more
"Inspire & Refresh! What Spring Training Really Should Look Like," presented by Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Horticulture... more
Last month at Cultivate’15, AmericanHort, along with its research affiliate the... more
Wow, it's kind of hard to believe it is full on summer right now. Mother Nature wasn't... more
The Million Pollinator Challenge has added a new partner — America in Bloom (AIB). The... more
Researchers at  Harvard University, the University of California-Berkeley and the... more
This year’s OFA Short Course (July 14 to 17, in Columbus, Ohio) was phenomenal.  As... more
  By the time you see this article, Fall 2012 will be in full swing — hopefully a... more

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