This new osteo series brings early flowering paired with colorful elegance to gardens, with no cooling necessary. Battlefield Farms has seen its ups and downs, and has always rebounded to success. Today, the company continues to grow and expand, and its product quality has never been better! Natives on the rise: Kudos, combos and caveats The 2016 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year, Keirstan Kure, has a hunger for knowledge to develop innovative ways to grow food sustainably. The 2016 Perennial Plant of the Year has graced gardens since the American Civil War and is still one of the most sought after white anemones on the market today. Improved diagnostics are leading to the discovery of more diseases. What are the newest outbreaks ... and what can you do to avoid them?
February 09, 2016
GrowIt! and MasterTag have teamed up to build a robust platform of information to help users learn to grow the plants they discover while using the mobile app. Now attached... more
February 05, 2016
Six new, never-before-sold varieties have been selected as All-America Selections Winners. All of the following new varieties were trialed during the 2015 growing ... more
February 05, 2016
Bailey Nurseries has hired Dave Warning as the company’s first grower specialist sales representative for the Upper Midwest market. Warning will work specifically... more
February 05, 2016
Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plants industry, announced three new Gold Medal winners that will be available to growers as of 2016... more
January 13, 2016
Many years ago a business owner said to me, “If I only had the money back from the business mistakes I have made, I will be wealthy beyond my dreams.” I heard a speaker... more
January 13, 2016
The outlook for this spring is a good one. There are very few red flags among current economic indicators to suspect any surprises in economic performance in the first... more
January 13, 2016
When Jerry Van Hoven purchased Battlefield Farms in Rapidan, Virginia, in 1990, the entire operation spanned about 6 acres. Today, two of his sons, Anthony and Bobby, own a... more
January 13, 2016
Danziger's Ostica series of Osteospermum ecklonis features vibrant and colorful flowers. It has a lovely compact mounded growth habit. This easy-growing, early-flowering... more
January 13, 2016
The biggest rooting season for ornamental cuttings occurs during some of the darkest and coldest days of the year — in January and February. When conditions are close to... more

Xtrada is a new series combining compactness, heat and cold tolerance, and huge flower size. Xtrada pansies are suited for spring and autumn sales. Their strong stems hold flowers erect for outstanding presentation in the garden and at retail. The series is available in nine colors (White with... more

  • Xtrada is a new series combining compactness, heat and cold tolerance, and huge flower size. Xtrada pansies are suited for spring and autumn sales. Their strong stems hold flowers erect for...
  • The deep burgundy and pink foliage of ‘Colorblaze Velveteen’ delivers all-season color. This coleus is bred for resistance to downy mildew. It is late or non-flowering in most of North America and...
  • Bred to be the earliest C. carpatica, the new Rapido series delivers good young plants and finished plant vigor, while maintaining a compact habit. The showy blooms make an attractive potted plant...
  • The newest addition to the popular series, ‘Surfinia Summer Double Salmon’ presents early flowering and a compact, mounding habit. Surfinia Summer Double petunias exhibit outstanding heat and rain...
  • The dahlia Painter collection boasts rich saturated colors, spectacular flower shape and dramatic markings. Four colors are offered (‘Painter Sun Fire’ is shown) ranging from warm yellow with...
  • ‘SunPatiens Compact Coral Pink’ is a very floriferous and well-branched impatiens. It is early to bloom and grower friendly. With large, round salmon-pink flowers, this new variety is versatile and...
  • Petunia QT is a multiflora hybrid with medium-sized flowers and a rounded, compact growth habit. More importantly, they are bred to hold for a long period maintaining the plant habit without the use...
  • The new Lollipop series of Impatiens walleriana offers an intense pop of color at retail. Plants feature excellent branching and uniformity across the series. Lollipop varieties offer full plants...
  • There are three new additions to the Senneti family. The new Senetti Sparkle collection offers beautiful re-flowering pericallis that bloom in Light Pink, Sky Blue and Lavender. Frilly petals are...
  • ‘Luna’ boasts showy pom-poms of double flowers that rest atop a dense, upright mound of foliage. Flowers bloom yellow, then gradually change to a two-toned yellow and finally finish white.
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