These 40 individuals are propelling the horticulture industry forward. Growers and investors looking to cash in on Colorado’s legalization of cannabis are seeking employees with horticultural backgrounds and sources of crop-specific cultural information. A unique new option for canna production, Cannova can be grown in cooler and lower-light conditions. A new face of agriculture can be found in urban settings framed by skyscrapers and urban warehouses rather than fields and forests. This new compact herbaceous perennial from seed attracts hummingbirds, produces aromatic foliage and is drought tolerant when established. Consider creating a food safety plan when growing edibles to protect you, your customers and your plants. Compact Helen’s flower produces spicy, deep red flowers with dark chocolate buttons in mid to late summer. How can growers use LED lights for supplemental and sole-source lighting?
November 20, 2014
GrowIt!, a social app that helps gardeners find plants to fit their lifestyle, was named the Gold Winner in the Home & Garden market category for the 2014 design100 U.S.... more
November 20, 2014
Plants for Living, Rocket Farms’ new product line, was established to change the way consumers think about and enjoy fresh herbs. The product line’s indoor culinary herbs... more
November 20, 2014
The Legacy Family Business Award, from Twin City Business magazine, was awarded to Bailey Nurseries for its continued success through five generations of family over the past... more
November 18, 2014
The recipients of grants for the CN EcoConnexions From the Ground Up program were announced by CN and America in Bloom. Four communities were selected to receive grants that... more
November 07, 2014
In 500 B.C., the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” That is a philosophy that some growers in our industry have... more
November 07, 2014
We know the greenhouse business can initially be a fairly low barrier-to-entry business requiring few credentials and a modest amount of capital relative to other small... more
November 07, 2014
The economy rebounded at a 4.2 percent pace in the second quarter of 2014 after contracting 2.1 percent in the first.  The 4.2 percent growth reflected growing personal... more
November 07, 2014
Incandescent (INC) lamps have been used to create long days to regulate flowering since the discovery of photoperiodism nearly a century ago. They’ve been effective,... more
November 07, 2014
Cannas are an important variety for North American landscapes. Whether used as a thriller in back borders and containers, or as a stand-out bedding plant, gardeners and... more

Growers can now use ZeroTol 2.0 in their hydroponic systems. ZeroTol 2.0 will treat NFT (nutrient film technique) and bato bucket hydroponic systems that can grow algae and harbor disease pathogens, keeping systems clear, water flowing more freely and providing nutrients more readily available... more

  • Growers can now use ZeroTol 2.0 in their hydroponic systems. ZeroTol 2.0 will treat NFT (nutrient film technique) and bato bucket hydroponic systems that can grow algae and harbor disease pathogens,...
  • AzaGuard
    AzaGuard, now labeled for hydroponic applications, controls the immature stages of foliar and soilborne insects. This application is great for growers looking for a way to effectively treat larvae...
  • Autogrow Multi-Controller
    The Autogrow Multi-Controller is a powerful tool for the small to medium hydroponic farm. It can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide and fertigation.
    Autogrow Multi-Controller
  • Hydro-Gro Leafy Fertilizer
    Hydro-Gro Leafy Fertilizer is for the commercial hydroponic grower seeking a complete and cost-effective fertilizer for leaf crops. It is specifically formulated with all the nutrients needed for...
    Hydro-Gro Leafy Fertilizer
  • GT80 TSW NFT
    Made from UV-stabilized recycled plastics, the GT80 TSW NFT system is manufactured to allow space for larger root masses. It is designed to promote healthy, well-nourished vine crops.
    GT80 TSW NFT
  • Carmello
    A French hybrid, ‘Carmello’ is celebrated for its sweet, juicy fruit and rich flavor. It features 4- to 6-foot indeterminate vines that produce 5- to 6-ounce fruit all season long. ‘Carmello’ begins...
  • Peticue
    ‘Peticue’ is a short vining/bush slicing cucumber bred to stay compact with the vines using only a third of the space of a standard variety. Plants mature in just 45 days. Pick the green fruit at 7...
  • Patio Baby
    A unique, high-yielding, compact variety, ‘Patio Baby’ produces baby-size eggplants very early with a wide harvest window. It is equally suited for growing in a container or in the garden.
    Patio Baby
  • Olympian
    ‘Olympian’ is a cool-season fig, proven in the Pacific Northwest. It is an incredible first crop and produces tangerine size fruit. Hardy to Zone 7, it also has potential in Zone 6.
  • Sweet Sunset
    ‘Sweet Sunset’ is a colorful sweet banana pepper hybrid that is perfect for container gardening. It is great for fresh and canning uses as well as for frying, pickling and cutting into rings for...
    Sweet Sunset
Stone Creek Hydroponics, a family-owned and operated farm in northeast Georgia, knows how to adapt to customer needs. When owner Zachary Unruh started the business in 2010,... more
Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light from the light emitting plasma offering from LUXIM in Sunnyvale, Calif. What differentiates plasma grow lighting from... more
Smith Gardens, with locations in Oregon, Washington and California, has been serving the Pacific Northwest market for over 100 years. Each year the family-run operation ships... more
Your customers demand a consistent, high quality finished product grown from Proven Winners and Proven Selections liners. Having access to crop culture information developed... more
During the one-hour webinar, Paul Pilon, Perennial Solutions Consulting, will cover both common as well as less familiar issues growers can encounter... more
"Inspire & Refresh! What Spring Training Really Should Look Like," presented by Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Horticulture... more
While hydroponic growing seems to be the next big expansion for many greenhouse growers,... more
Last week, All-America Selections announced its 2014 winners. Twelve varieties were... more
Winter is just around the corner and once your holiday plants are out the door it'll be... more
Researchers at  Harvard University, the University of California-Berkeley and the... more
This year’s OFA Short Course (July 14 to 17, in Columbus, Ohio) was phenomenal.  As... more
  By the time you see this article, Fall 2012 will be in full swing — hopefully a... more

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