These 40 individuals are propelling the horticulture industry forward. Eye-tracking studies are providing insight into what consumers are focusing on when looking at retail plant displays. How can using controlled-release fertilizers help growers provide healthier, more beautiful plants for end users? Biochar — What is it? And can it be used in container substrates? These pollen-free double flowers grab attention with a rose-like appearance and light fragrance. Are you looking for a way to confidently replace your impatiens walleriana? The development of sustainable landscapes is becoming increasingly reliant on the selection of drought- and salinity-tolerant plants.
August 22, 2014
  The Society of American Florists’ 130th Annual Convention in Marco Island, Florida, earlier this month was a busy time for recognizing some key members of the industry... more
August 22, 2014
The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has announced Gabriel Becerra as AFE’s new chairman, Charles Kremp as treasurer/secretary-elect and Bill Fernandez as its newest trustee.... more
August 22, 2014
Star Roses and Plants' new standards address the Knock Out family of roses and Drift rose series. They outline qualitative specifications for plant health and size, as well... more
August 22, 2014
Jim Devereux has been hired as team member and sales manager at Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Devereux will play an instrumental part in... more
August 18, 2014
Plant growth retardants are routinely applied to inhibit extension growth to keep plants short and compact. Although effective, growers are sometimes interested in other ways... more
August 18, 2014
Bossa Nova, a Begonia boliviensis introduced this spring from Floranova, is a fantastic new option for use in dramatic hanging baskets, colorful combination planters and a... more
August 18, 2014
Echinacea has become a mainstay in the American landscape. Although this perennial genera is not new to the industry, the last decade has seen an abundance of colorful new... more
August 18, 2014
What do you think most consumers are looking at when they are standing in front of a retail plant display? Most growers would probably say it’s the plants if they’ve done a... more
August 18, 2014
Water-soluble fertilizers (WSF) are the principal fertilizer type used by greenhouse growers. WSF are made from soluble nutrient raw materials that are mixed into stock tanks... more

The AutoGrow Multi-Controller is a powerful tool for the small to medium hydroponic farm. The multi-controller can monitor the following data points up to eight different zones: temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and most importantly fertigation. American Hydroponics is the only distributor of... more

  • The AutoGrow Multi-Controller is a powerful tool for the small to medium hydroponic farm. The multi-controller can monitor the following data points up to eight different zones: temperature, humidity...
  • CalOx, which comes in micronized liquid and wettable powder forms, is intended to raise soil pH and help plants take up nutrients more quickly, maintaining plant root health and increasing the...
  • The new 500w plasma grow light is designed by aerospace engineers and built with camera-quality optics and aircraft-quality construction. It is ideal for all stages of plant growth.
  • These units offer solid fuel combustion allowing mechanical replacement of fuel with the least amount of moving parts. Efficient multi-fuel design is offered in various configurations to utilize a...
  • Designer Tags are intended to add merchandising power to plain pot stakes and strip tags. These attractive thermal-transfer-printable labels ensure customers get promotional messages.
  • The Cruze series showcases extremely large, brilliantly colored flowers on a mounded plant form. These calibrachoa are ideal for 4- to 8-inch pots, hanging baskets and combination planters....
  • Landscape Bandana is a new series of lantana with the same great attributes as the Bandana series. Its spreading habit makes it ideal for the landscape and large mixed containers because of its...
  • New for 2014-15, ‘Appeal Pink’ is a match to ‘Appeal Blue’. It boasts hardy blush pink flowers on sturdy stems. It is naturally compact, so PGRs are not necessary.
  • Well suited for edging, mass plantings, mixed beds, borders or dry gardens, ‘Orbit Bronze’ stands out year-round with its glossy, dark leaves. It has been bred to grow in a natural topiary shape and...
  • ‘Red Glamour’ is a dark red-pink to salmon-pink strap leaf variety. It is a tough, compact caladium ideal for 4-inch and larger pots, baskets or combination containers.
Stone Creek Hydroponics, a family-owned and operated farm in northeast Georgia, knows how to adapt to customer needs. When owner Zachary Unruh started the business in 2010,... more
Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light from the light emitting plasma offering from LUXIM in Sunnyvale, Calif. What differentiates plasma grow lighting from... more
Smith Gardens, with locations in Oregon, Washington and California, has been serving the Pacific Northwest market for over 100 years. Each year the family-run operation ships... more
Your customers demand a consistent, high quality finished product grown from Proven Winners and Proven Selections liners. Having access to crop culture information developed... more
"Inspire & Refresh! What Spring Training Really Should Look Like," presented by Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Horticulture... more
You can now view the webinar on "The Importance of Biological Additives in Growing Media." Growing media companies have worked many years on... more
Are you interested in learning more about hydroponic growing methods? Then mark your... more
Growing new — and younger — gardeners has been an on-going challenge for our industry.... more
The National Garden Bureau recently announced its "Year of the" crops for 2015. The three... more
Researchers at  Harvard University, the University of California-Berkeley and the... more
This year’s OFA Short Course (July 14 to 17, in Columbus, Ohio) was phenomenal.  As... more
  By the time you see this article, Fall 2012 will be in full swing — hopefully a... more

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