AFE Awards Scholarships

July 31, 2014 - 10:16

Eighteen students have been awarded competitive scholarships from the American Floral Endowment totaling almost $40,000.

Eighteen students have been awarded competitive scholarships from the American Floral Endowment (AFE) totaling almost $40,000.

“AFE scholarships provide financial assistance to students as they equip themselves with the education and experience that will help them become industry leaders” AFE Education Committee Chairman Dwight Larimer of Design Master color tool Inc. said. “Thanks to the generosity of donors, AFE is able to distribute more than 20 scholarships a year to competitive and deserving students.”

AFE awards scholarships annually, and applications are due by May 1 of each year. The online application was recently redesigned to streamline the process beginning in 2015.

The awards were distributed as follows:

• American Florists’ Exchange Scholarship - $2,400
Recipient: Miwa Ishisaka, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

• Julio and Sarah Armellini Scholarship – $2,200
Recipient: Kristin Potter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Ball Horticultural Company Scholarship – $900
Recipient: William English, University of Georgia

• Harold Bettinger Scholarship ($2,000) and the Jacob and Rita Van Namen Marketing Scholarship – $1,100
Recipient: Amy Miller, The Ohio State University

• BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship ($1,200) and James K. Rathmell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for Horticultural Work/Study Abroad – $3,300
Recipient: Joshua Henry, The Ohio State University

• James Bridenbaugh Memorial Scholarship ($500) and the Earl Dedman Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
Recipient: Joshua Pecukonis, Montana State University

• John Carew Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
Recipient: Emily Lloyd, University of Hawaii at Manoa

• Carlson-Johnson Scholarship for Nontraditional Students - $1,100
Recipient: Jessica Monte, Montana State University

• Long Island Flower Growers Association (LIFGA) Scholarship - $1,400
Recipient: David Harris, Cornell University

• Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship - $4,500
Recipient: Victoria Turbyfill, University of Florida

• National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA) Scholarship – $600
Recipient: Anna Ribbeck, Louisiana State University

• Mike and Flo Novovesky Scholarship - $1,400
Recipient: Ryan Dickson, University of Florida

• Lawrence “Bud” Ohlman Memorial Scholarship - $500
Recipient: James Rockwell, Virginia Tech

• Seed Companies Scholarship - $2,500
Recipient: Raymond Jacobs, North Carolina State University

• John L. Tomasovic, Sr. Scholarship - $900
Recipient: Brittany Spezzano, University of Vermont

• Edward Tuinier Memorial Scholarship - $4,600 split between two students
Recipients: Brian Gayheart and Keren Terry, Michigan State University

• Richard T. Meister Scholarship - $4,000
Recipient: Leslie Judd, North Carolina State University

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