Are You Ready for March Madness and More?

March 4, 2013 - 09:26

After watching a full slate of college basketball games over the weekend, it is pretty clear what is on the minds of every team, coach and fan — the Big Dance. Everyone is focused on getting into the NCAA tournament.

Previous champions have shown it takes a lot of hard work, preparation and teamwork just to get into the tournament. But that's just half the battle.

Once a team gets into the tourney, the season starts all over again and every game is sudden death.

The Spring Season is the horticulture industry's Big Dance. It will last longer than the basketball tournament does but everyone is focused on it right now.

You're the coach of your team. You are are the one who picks the players and is responsible for coming up with a winning gameplan. 

So what do ya say Coach? Is your team prepared for March Madness? Followed by an Awesome April and a Magificent May? Are they ready to execute your game plan?

Drop me a line at and let me know what kind of Xs and Os you have drawn up for your team. I want to know how you plan to score during this year's Big Dance.

— Tim

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