April 26, 2010 - 23:00

New for 2010, ‘Angelic Creamy Yellow’ and ‘Angelic Magenta’ feature a compact bush with a profusion of single flowers. They are suitable for planting in pots or in the garden.

Rooting takes 14 to 21 days at temperatures of 64-75° F. Use one plant per 4-inch pot (ready within eight to 10 weeks). Use one to two plants per 6-inch pot (ready in nine to 11 weeks). Use three to four plants per 10-inch hanging basket (ready in 12 to 14 weeks).

Angelic varieties prefer full sun to partial shade (at least 6,000 foot-candles). Keep temperature at 64-75° F days and 45-55° F nights. Pinching is optional; pinch once in trays about 10 days before liner planting or about 10 days after planting and establishing.

Use a well-drained, disease-free potting mix with a pH of 5.5-6.0. Feed constantly with a balanced fertilizer (200- to 250-ppm nitrogen) that contains average levels of micronutrients with a slightly increased level of iron. Maintain moderate moisture levels. Avoid overwatering.

Insects to watch for are aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Spray preventively. Common diseases are Botrytis, Rhizoctonia and Pythium. Drench with a broad-spectrum fungicide at liner planting.

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