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August 7, 2009 - 15:53

Scotts Professional Introduces New Osmocote Pro Formulations

Scotts Professional has added four new Osmocote Pro formulations to its portfolio of controlled-release fertilizers. These formulations consist of 100 percent coated, homogeneous N-P-K prills (or particles) blended with a sulfated micronutrient package similar to Scotts Pro's Micromax Micronutrient product. The formulations' particles deliver a more consistent, steady and sustained release than expected from a blended product containing uncoated nutrients.

Available in a range of longevities, from three to 14 months, these products offer the highest iron levels within the Osmocote Pro portfolio, with micronutrients in a highly available form that allows plants to absorb them more efficiently.

For more information, visit Osmocote or Scotts Professional's site.

T.O. Plastics Acquires Rapid Plastics Assets

T.O. Plastics recently acquired certain assets of Rapid Molded Products (Rapid Plastics), including their entire line of thermoformed production tooling specifically designed for horticultural containers.

The Rapid Plastics product offering complements the existing T.O. Plastics line, augmenting the company's already-extensive array of horticultural growing containers. Production will start on select Rapid Plastics containers by Aug.15.

For more information, visit T.O. Plastics' website.

Emerald Coast Growers Debuts 2009-10 Resource Guide

Emerald Coast Growers has released its 2009-10 Resource Guide, which features full-color photos of the company’s perennials, specialty plants and ornamental grasses. The guide also offers picture tags for all plants and predesigned point-of-purchase cards for more than 75 varieties.

The book also includes details on plants in special programs like Athens Select, Southern Living Plant Collection and Emerald Coast Growers’ own Native Wonders, a carefully selected collection of ornamental North American native grasses and perennials.

Among the newest varieties in Emerald Coast Growers’ selection are ornamental grasses such as pennisetum 'Princess Caroline' (PPAF) and 'Princess Molly' (PPAF) and sporobolus and chasmanthium 'River Mist' (PPAF).

For more information, visit Emerald Coast Growers' website.

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