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September 18, 2009 - 12:40

Schoneveld Twello Grows Support Team

Schoneveld Twello has expanded its team to provide more promotional and cultivation support. According to a recent press release, "a seed is not the final product; it's just the starting point for a successful finished product." Siebe Dirk Streekstra has been leading Schoneveld Twello's product management department since May 1 and will take charge of product introduction, improvements, market research and marketing support. Streekstra was previously European sales manager at Gruppo Padana.

On Sept. 1, Hay Lamers joined the Growing Advice department. Lamers gained extensive cyclamen experience and knowledge in his previous job as sales rep for Ball Holland, and he will inform and advise the Southern and Eastern European markets.
For more information, visit Schoneveld Twello's website.

Rancho Tissue Technologies to Be Featured on International Plant Propagators Tour

Rancho Tissue Technologies has been tapped as a featured stop for the International Plant Propagators’ Society’s 50th Anniversary Western Meeting and Tour, which showcases the latest in plant breeding, selection, development and propagation. Chosen for its state-of-the-art tissue culture facilities, Rancho will offer a firsthand look at its cutting-edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square-foot greenhouse designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year. Services include multiplication of hard-to-propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus- and disease-indexing of mother stock, virus eradication through heat treatment and meristemming and custom contract growing.

Rancho Tissue Technologies will be featured on Friday, Oct. 2. The IPPS Western Region 50th anniversary event will take place Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 in San Diego. For more information on Rancho Tissue Technologies, visit the company's website.

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