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November 30, 2006 - 17:36

Premier Tech Opens Manitoba Plant

Premier Tech recently opened a new plant in Ste. Anne, MB, Canada. The plant was built through Premier Horticulture, the company’s business unit. The new facility will replace a plant that was destroyed in a September 2005 fire.

After the fire, Premier Tech met with insurers and coordinated efforts to rebuild the plant. Team members from Premier Horticulture and Premier Tech Systems joined forces to work on rebuilding efforts. The team went on to design a technologically advanced plant for the sphagnum peat moss business, according to Premier Tech.

Monrovia Growers Creates Camellia Nursery

Monrovia Growers has established a 60-acre camellia nursery adjacent to its 900-acre Visalia nursery in the central valley of California.

“It is truly a separate entity, across a river and canal from the rest of the nursery, and has its own nursery license and compliance agreement,” explained Gilbert Resendez, president of Monrovia Growers. “Camellias are now shipped on their own trucks with no other plants from our Visalia nursery.”

Resendez pointed out that the camellias are shipped alone to avoid the spread of harmful pathogens, such as Phytophthora ramorum, also known as sudden oak death (SOD). SOD has never been found at the 900-acre Visalia property. Monrovia has made sure of this by investing in stringent practices.

MasterTag Creates New Online Ordering System

MasterTag has announced a new online ordering system intended to simplify the process for growers and garden centers to place orders.

On the MasterTag Web site, customers can choose from six different tag styles and more than 10,000 plant varieties that include annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, vines, vegetables and hanging baskets.

The new functionality can be accessed at

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