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December 7, 2007 - 14:55

Check out the latest from Horticultural Identification Products and Rocket Farms.

HIP develops sustainable plant tags

Horticultural Identification Products (HIP), a customized tag and labeling products company for the horticulture industry, announced in early November that it had developed two sustainable plant tag products, EcoTag and BioTag.

EcoTag is a degradable alternative to traditional plastic plant tags. Manufactured using wind power as one energy source, these rigid tags retain their integrity until buried in compost or disposed of in a landfill. When buried, they disintegrate in one to five years.

The BioTag material is produced using a polymer technology that relies on bio-based products, such as corn and soybeans, rather than fossil fuel-based resins. The degradation process takes about a year.

"These environmentally conscious horticultural tags contribute to the brand image of a horticulture company," said Bob Lovejoy, president and CEO of HIP. "They not only enhance the look of plant products, but they also convey a corporate commitment to environmental awareness and the conservation of natural resources."

For more information on the tags, visit

Rocket Farms Launches into E-Commerce

Rocket Farms announced last week that the leading internet flower retailer, ProFlowers, has selected Rocket Farms to fulfill potted orchid orders direct from their greenhouses to the web-based company's growing roster of consumers.

Because their products are perishable, ProFlowers relies on companies that have the infrastructure to support quick and effective customer service. It also relies on suppliers who can keep up with the demand and provide exceptional quality, according to a company press release.

"We're very excited to have been selected as an orchid supplier for," says Marc Clark, vice president of Rocket Farms. "The increased consumer demand for potted orchids is merging with the increase in e-commerce. At Rocket Farms we see this liaison as perfect timing and a perfect fit for our futuristic-minded company."

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