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January 18, 2008 - 12:36

Syngenta Announces Two Key Appointments

Syngenta announced last week the following changes within the NAFTA region, effective Jan. 1, 2008:

Rob Neil, currently general manager of professional products, NAFTA region, has been appointed global head of marketing for Syngenta Crop Protection based in Basel, Switzerland. For two years, Neil has played a significant role in the development of the Syngenta Professional Products business, which includes the company’s lawn and garden, growing media and home care divisions. He brings a wealth of expertise to his new role from earlier assignments as head of marketing for the NAFTA region and the Latin American region.

David Stanley, who joined Syngenta in 2005 as global head of lawn and garden, will replace Rob Neil as general manager of professional products, NAFTA region.

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ForemostCo Begins Production of Exotic Plant liners

ForemostCo has started full production of tissue culture liners of the Exotic Plant bromeliad program at their Phoenix Foliage facility in Winter Garden, Fla. General Manager David Kirwan is heading up the project.

“Exotic Plant is well known worldwide for being innovative, and their superior breeding of new varieties of bromeliads,” Kirwan says in a company press release. “Every year, Exotic Plant is able to introduce stunning new varieties of high end Guzmania and Vriesea which give growers the opportunity to offer an exclusive mix of plants to their customers.”

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Stuppy Welcomes Scott Phillips

Stuppy Inc. recently announced Scott Phillips as the company’s director of sales and marketing. The Liberty, Mo., native will be responsible for creating and leading the sales and marketing strategy for Stuppy, Inc. His duties will include identifying customer and market needs for efficient, high-quality plant production. Phillips will also manage customer communications and advertising while developing the Stuppy team to “meet the ever-changing demands of the horticulture industry,” according to a company press release.

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