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March 7, 2008 - 11:13

New Compact SunPatiens Hit Market

Home Depot’s VIVA! program has added to its well-received SunPatiens program. Along with Sakata Seed America and Ecke Ranch, the VIVA! program will feature a lineup of more compact genetics suitable for quart containers. Now, in addition to seven colors of Vigorous SunPatiens, five new colors of Compact SunPatiens will be available to consumers.

The introduction team has been doing advance trialing with top landscape firms throughout the United States and are finding that “landscapers and consumers are looking for low-maintenance annuals.” SunPatiens offers just that, with full color in hot all day sun with minimal care, according to a press release from horticultural marketing company Floragem, which works with The Home Depot on the VIVA! collection of flowers.

For more information, contact Floragem at (941) 438-3134.

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