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August 1, 2008 - 11:44

Eco-Irrigation Shows Results

“Eco-Irrigation” is a new project promoted jointly by Chemilizer Products, Inc. and Applied and Experimental Microbiology. The goal of this project is to conserve water through reduced demand and runoff, and to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use.

According to a recent press release, the companies hope to accomplish Eco-Irrigation by developing biological products with extended shelf lives along with high-efficiency liquid fertilizers and accurate injection equipment. Implementing these products has already shown results: up to 60 percent decrease in water demand, up to 50 percent decrease in fertilizer use and more than 50 percent decrease in pesticide use, in many cases. A significant reduction in fertilizer and pesticide runoff as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions was also noted.

To learn more about Eco-Irrigation, call (800) 234-7211.

Fine Americas Announces New PGR

Fine Americas, Inc. has introduced Citadel, a new addition to its list of plant growth regulators. Used for ornamental plants, Citadel is a growth retardant for commercial greenhouse containers.

Citadel contains 11.8 percent chlormequat chloride and reduces plant height by limiting internode elongation through inhibition of gibberellins biosynthesis. It is designed to produce more desirable, compact and marketable plants with darker foliage, higher chlorophyll content and thicker leaves.

To find out more about Citadel of Fine Americas, Inc., visit or call (888) 474-3463.

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