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February 27, 2009 - 13:11

OHP Introduces Shuttle O Miticide to Ornamental Market

OHP, Inc., which markets pest-control solutions to the nursery and greenhouse markets, recently introduced Shuttle O, a new miticide for control of several key mite species.

Shuttle O is effective on a wide range of mite species including two spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, citrus red mites, European red mites, Pacific spider mites and several others.

Shuttle O, with active ingredient acequinocyl, is the only member of Mode of Action group No. 20 (electron transport inhibitors), which makes the product a promising addition to mite control rotational strategies. It is labeled for use in greenhouses, field and container nurseries, and interiorscapes.

Shuttle O is a suspension concentrate formulation and carries a 12-hour Restricted Entry Level and a Caution signal word.

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IHA and Florikan E.S.A. Corp. Announce Strategic Supply Partnership

Integrated Horticultural Alliance (IHA) and Florikan E.S.A. Corp. have partnered to provide BFG Supply, Inc., BWI Companies, Inc., and Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies with controlled-release fertilizer blends featuring Florikote and Nutricote products.

These products will be distributed by IHA members throughout their territories. Florikan E.S.A. Corp will manufacture Florikote and Nutricote blended fertilizer and provide vendor support to the IHA effective immediately.

Florikan will also join IHA in its sales efforts.

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