Around the Industry: June 20, 2011

June 17, 2011 - 10:52

Check out the latest news from Natural Industries and Valent Professional Products...

New Biological Insecticide Receives EPA Approval

Natural Industries recently announced the release of its new biological insecticide under the brand name NoFly. With the new EPA registration, NoFly has been approved for use in greenhouse production for ornamental crops.

This powerful microbial insecticide will help control whiteflies, thrips and aphids at all stages of the insect life cycle. As part of an IPM program, NoFly is effective with a 1 pound per acre application rate. Two to 4 pounds per acre of NoFly is needed for a heavy infestation. Within the next year, Natural Industries expects the label to be expanded to include food crops and outdoor agriculture production.

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Adorn Fungicide Now Available for Use in New York

Valent Professional Products announced that Adorn fungicide has been registered by the EPA for control of downy mildew, Pytophthora, Pythium and other diseases in New York for greenhouse and nursery ornamental production.

Available for use as a spray of drench, Adorn is a new chemistry with a novel mode of action. It is an excellent addition to fungicide rotations and plays a key role in resistance management programs.

"Adorn is the only chemistry in its class, so there are no resistance issues and no cross-resistance issues," said Dr. Jill Calabro, regional field development manager and plant pathologist for Valent Professional Products.

For more information about Adorn, visit

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