Around the Industry: March 15, 2010

March 11, 2010 - 10:24

Third Issue of Proven Beauty Debuts

The third issue of Proven Winners’ consumer-focused digital magazine, Proven Beauty, recently debuted for the early spring season. In the most recent issue, Proven Winners interviewed Jamie Durie from The Victory Garden on PBS. The issue also features The Hottest Plants for 2010, which includes videos from John Gaydos, Proven Winners' director of product development and promotion.

For 2010, Proven Winners has expanded the magazine's readership and now offers French and Spanish versions as well. To see the early spring issue of Proven Beauty, click here.

European Substrate Producer and American Supplier Join Forces

Saint-Gobain Cultilène, the world's second-largest stone wool substrate producer, recently joined forces with HortiPro LLC, a horticultural substrate supplier of cocopeat, bark, stone wool and other growing media. The two companies share a vision of how growers can benefit from good products and sufficient support and irrigation strategies. HortiPro will handle distribution and support in the United States for Cultilène; Martin Boerema, senior consultant with HortiPro, will be in charge of the U.S. technical support, and on request in Mexico. For more information on both companies, visit HortiPro’s website at and Cultilène's website at

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