Ball Centennial Collection

April 15, 2005 - 11:33

Ball Seed celebrates a century of expertise with the Ball Centennial Collection, a group of exclusive plants from the industry’s leading breeding and production companies. With the goal of providing a glance into history while emphasizing the innovation that will take the industry into the next century, the Ball Centennial Collection features new twists on old favorites as well as up-and-coming plants that are gaining popularity with growers, retailers and consumers.
The following is a list of materials in the collection:

  • Kong coleus (Sakata Seed Corporation): Introduced at the 2004 California Pack Trials, Kong has five bold color combinations.
  • ‘Dulce Rosa’ euphorbia (Paul Ecke Ranch): This all-new hybrid is fast-flowering with an upright bract habit that’s good for spring potted plants and fall landscapes in the Sunbelt.
  • BullsEye geranium (Goldsmith Seeds): BullsEye is fully zoned and has dark foliage edged in light green. This unique, stable center zoning has four flower colors.
  • Luna hibiscus (PanAmerican Seed Co.): Luna has large, showy flowers on compact perennial plants.
  • ‘Potpourri White’ lavender (Kieft Seeds Holland): The first white L. angustifolia variety from seed. It is more winter hardy and cold tolerant, with good tolerance to foliar diseases compared to other lavenders.
  • ‘Cotton Candy’ mandevilla (Lake Area Nursery): The pink blooms are “cotton candy pink” and contrast with the glossy dark-green foliage.
  • ‘Sunrise Serenade’ morning glory (K. Sahin, Zaden BV): Big double flowers with wavy-edged, 2 1/2- to 3-in. blooms show off a rich, cherry red color with contrasting white base.
  • Serenity osteospermum (Ball FloraPlant): Good cool-season performer with bright colors and good flower forms on early-flowering, naturally compact plants. There are seven colors, including two novelty spoon types.
  • ‘Whiskers Orange’ pansy (Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH): Each one of these mid-size, deep orange blooms features a unique “cat face” pattern.
  • ‘Taffy’ poinsettia (Paul Ecke Ranch): A unique marbled eight-week variety with upright bract habit.
  • Amethyst scaevola (Cohen Propagation Nursery): Shorter internodes mean Amethyst has a controlled habit. The plants also have a dark blue flower color with little to no eye.
  • Ballad F1 sunflower (PanAmerican Seed Co.): This no-pollen sunflower is mildew tolerant and has shiny green-leaves with bright golden-yellow flowers that surround a deep bronze center.
  • ‘Bush Champion’ F1 tomato (Seminis Garden): This extra-early, compact plant works well for large containers or small space gardens.
  • Titan F1 vinca (PanAmerican Seed Co.): This vinca series has a nice coloring and foliage. It has increased disease and stress tolerance, extra-early flowering and “super-sized” blooms.

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