Ball Seed Launches Web site

February 4, 2005 - 11:19

As the consumer container gardening craze continues, Ball Seed has made it easier for growers, retailers and consumers to take advantage of this new trend with its new Web site, Featuring 16 fantastic designs inspired by history’s great artists, includes all the information needed to create great combination planters that are as simple as a paint-by-number set. While the Web site’s main audience is home gardeners, growers and retailers may also use it to offer high-margin, premium Plant By Number mixed containers featuring products by Ball.

Each Plant By Number combination is pictured in color, with components clearly listed by name. Recommended container sizes are also included, along with easy-to-read planting diagrams that make it simple to replicate the combination. The accompanying “Garden Painter’s Pointers” are PDF files containing specific care information for each container. Consumers may also use the “Find A Garden Center Near You” link to learn where to purchase the containers’ component plants in their areas. includes combination container gardens for sun, shade and partial shade in a variety of climatic conditions and color palettes, so consumers will be able to find a design to fit their needs.

Whether it’s making it simple for beginning gardeners or inspiring more experienced gardeners to design their own combinations, is a great starting point. With many variety options, color and texture, it offers something for everyone. For more information about the Plant By Number program, call (800) 879-BALL or visit

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