February 20, 2013 - 10:46

The new Crackling Fire begonia series is available in four distinctive colors. They are naturally compact, are self cleaning and thrive in full to part sun. Crackling Fire begonias can be used in patio pots, baskets and window boxes.

These begonias like warm temperatures. For optimal results, grow at 68° F or higher after potting. Later, temperatures can be reduced to 60° F. Crackling Fire plants will not tolerate frosts are are not suited for growing under cool temperatures.

Use a good quality bedding plant mix. Keep substrate pH between 5.2 and 6.0. Use one plug for 4- to 5-inch pots and three or more plugs for larger patio pots and baskets.
During production, it is wise to not water excessively as begonias are prone to rots. This type of begonia has strong drought resistance and does not need a lot of water. A balanced feed is recommended, such as a 20-10-20 peat-lite mix at 200 to 250 ppm, finishing with a 17-5-17 at 150 to 200 ppm continuous feed.

Crackling Fire does not require chemical growth regulation. Water and fertility management are the best methods to control growth. Using less water and fertilizer will result in more compact and earlier flowering plants. Using more will result in larger plants that flower later.

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