Belgian mum

January 25, 2011 - 00:00

Two 2011 introductions to the Belgian mum line, ‘Staviski Orange’ and ‘Staviski Pink’ are attractive two-tone varieties for early October sales. They do well in mixed color containers with other varieties in the Staviski family. Suitable for the summer shade program, they have a short response time. Staviski varieties may be used in full sun and partial shade flower beds and container gardening. Hardy in most climates, they bloom naturally in the late season.

Rooting typically takes 12 to 18 days from an unrooted cutting. Plant in weeks 21 to 30 for a fall crop or weeks 1 through 9 for early spring crops. They have a 51/2-week black cloth response time.

Keep an even soil moisture in summer and fall. Regarding light, they perform best in full sun. Feed with a balanced fertilizer at 300 ppm after planting. Reduce fertilizer before first color.

For plant growth regulation, use B-Nine (daminozide), Sumagic (uniconazole) or Bonzi (paclobutrazol) as a spray or drench.

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