December 11, 2008 - 00:00

The new bellis Speedstar series, unlike traditional bellis, can be produced for both fall and spring sales windows. Their versatility, compact habit and leaf size make them a great companion to pansies for fall and spring production. Masses of semi-double flowers in three separate colors (Carmine, Rose and White) are set off by a golden-yellow eye. Hardy to Zones 3 to 5, plants reach a garden height of 5 inches.
Flowering the first year from seed without vernalization, the Speedstar series can be produced very quickly. Stem stretch should not occur under warm temperatures, and flowers hold their color and do not fade.
During germination, maintain temperatures at 70-75° F and do not cover seed. After germination, gradually reduce temperatures to 60-68° F while maintaining adequate ventilation.
Grow on at temperatures of 65-68° F for fall production and 45-50° F
for spring production. Plants will flower in approximately eight to 10 weeks. Sow in July for fall flowering or October for early spring flowering. Produce both fall and spring bellis crops under conditions similar to pansy production.
Speedstar varieties flower without cooling, but require cool temperatures for good plant quality and uniform flowering. Excessive watering or fertilizer will cause soft, stretched plants.

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