BioWorks Launches Consumer E-Commerce Website

November 13, 2009 - 10:06

BioWorks, Inc. recently launched, an e-commerce website where home gardening enthusiasts can purchase biopesticides. Two EPA-approved products are currently offered on the new website: RootShield Home & Garden and MilStop. Both are effective alternatives to traditional chemicals.

RootShield Home & Garden is a natural preventive control for damping-off and root rots for vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, ornamentals and bulbs. The active ingredient, a patented hybrid fungus that protects roots from many disease-causing pathogens, works for up to 12 weeks.

MilStop is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide that kills powdery mildew on contact and provides preventive control of most other foliar diseases without restricting plant growth. It is easy to use, comes preformulated with a spreader/sticker and leaves no residue on leaves. MilStop is OMRI listed for organic use and is compatible with many beneficial insects.

BioWorks' environmentally responsible products have been university tested and used by most of the top greenhouse growers in the U.S. for years. Both RootShield and MilStop are perfect for gardeners interested in pursuing organic or sustainable growing methods.

BioWorks plans to provide more products on the in the coming months, such as BotaniGard biological insecticide. To check out the new consumer site, click here, and visit BioWorks' website for more company information.

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