Burpee Home Gardens Receives Media Coverage

June 1, 2012 - 10:43

BOOST collection and mobile tools get attention in local and national markets

May was a busy media month for Burpee Home Gardens.

First, the crew of Dig In Chicago filmed a segment for an upcoming episode on the company's ‘new BOOST collection of high-nutrition vegetables. Dig In is a weekly TV show and webcast showcasing Chicagoland’s local gardens, local food and local issues. It reaches 1.5 million households in the Chicago TV market.

In the Dig In segment on BOOST, the show explores the inspiration behind this new collection, which was specially selected by Burpee Home Gardens to meet shoppers’ desires for healthy choices. BOOST is available this year at independent garden centers nationwide.

The episode was scheduled to air in the Chicago area on June 2, and again on June 14. Dig In Chicago broadcasts on Comcast Channel 102 on Saturdays at 10 a.m. CDT.

During Memorial Day weekend, consumer-focused media outlets such as such as MSNBC, Reuters and Yahoo! Finance profiled Burpee Home Gardens’ mobile Web tools, including My Garden Designer, Burpee Garden Coach and Burpee’s Backyard, as go-to sources of information, tips and inspiration for vegetable and flower gardens this year.

Commenting on this coverage, Diane Hund, director of marketing for Burpee Home Gardens, said, “This success has shown that both the media and our consumers are eager for information and inspiration via mobile Web tools and social media. We will continue to provide these resources throughout the summer.”

For more information on Burpee Home Gardens mobile web tools, visit www.burpeehomegardens.com. To view weekly webisodes of Dig In, visit www.mydiginchicago.com.

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