January 26, 2010 - 00:00

Noa calibrachoa blooms from early spring until late autumn. It has a strongly branched, compact trailing habit. The Noa series works well in baskets, pots, mixed containers and window boxes placed outdoors in sunny areas. ‘Noa Almond Blossom’ and ‘Noa Mega Raspberry’ are two new colors this year.
Use one plant per 4-inch pot, one to two plants per 6-inch pot, and three to four plants in 10-inch hanging baskets. First pinch should be done about four weeks after rooting while plants are still in tray. Additional pinching is needed only if growth overstretches, or if flowering starts too early.
Noa prefers full sunlight to partial shade (minimum 5,000 foot-candles). Supplemental lighting should be applied during short days, up to 14 to 16 hours. Keep temperature at 64-75° F days and 52-62° F nights.
Apply constant feed program with a balanced fertilizer. Nitrogen levels of 250-300 ppm are recommended, as well as average levels of micronutrients with slightly higher levels of iron to keep foliage green. Maintain low pH level, 5.2-5.8, to avoid iron deficiencies.
Keep moist, but not overwatered, to prevent root damage. They are best maintained on the dry side. Leach periodically to prevent salt accumulation.
Growth regulators are optional, and not necessary under high light intensities.

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