August 22, 2011 - 23:00

Proven Winners is releasing Grape Punch for 2011-12 as they continue to add to the Superbells Punch collection. Velvet-purple outer petals with a dark-purple center gives each flower a distinct black-purple eye.

For growers who have experimented with Blackberry Punch, Grape Punch will be much more of a standard production item. Expect easy-to-produce plants, which flower under natural days in week 6 to 7 depending on local growing conditions. ‘Superbells Grape Punch’ will work for small pot production and in mixed containers and monoculture baskets.

Remember with all calibrachoa, they prefer high light levels in production, a slightly acidic pH (5.8-6.2) and regular feeding at 200 ppm with a balanced liquid feed program. Including an iron micronutrient in your fertilizer will raise the quality of the crop as well.

The Superbells Punch collection can also make a great fall color crop for mixing with traditional fall items, such as garden mums.

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Sycamore, IL