November 20, 2008 - 00:00

‘MiniFamous Double Blush Pink’ and ‘MiniFamous Double Yellow’ display a semitrailing habit with a medium to high vigor. They are bred to branch easily and fit well in larger pots.
Choose a well-drained, aerated peat moss–based media with a pH of 5.4-5.8. Moisten finish media before transplanting but avoid saturating the media. Plant into the finish container by dibbling a hole. Avoid planting too deep, as this will promote diseases.
After transplanting the liners, keep the temperature up. Maintain night temperatures of 61-64° F and 68-72° F days until plants have nicely branched. Proper venting is one of the most important tools for preventing diseases. Horizontal airflow fans will greatly improve results.
For pot production, it is recommended to apply a PGR drench with Sumagic (uniconazole) at 0.5 ppm when plants have rooted in and side shoots are about 1 inch long.

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