CANGC Approves Invasive Codes Of Conduct

April 21, 2006 - 06:43

With the damage caused by invasive plants in the United States reaching $35 billion annually, the horticulture industry is beginning to take action to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plants.

The California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC) has unanimously approved voluntary codes of conduct that nursery professionals can follow to prevent aggressive garden plants from invading wildlands and open spaces. This industry effort could save taxpayers and landowners millions and perhaps billions in the coming years, according to CANGC.

"By adopting the St. Louis Voluntary Codes of Conduct, CANGC engages 1,200 member companies in the effort to stop the spread of invasive plants," said Bob Falconer, executive vice-president of CANGC. "Nurseries can play an important role by choosing not to grow invasive species and choosing instead to promote alternative plants that don't cause problems in local ecosystems."

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