May 21, 2012 - 13:58
Chad Olson



Job Title

V.P., Operations


Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens, Salem, Utah


Helped design and build Olson’s state of the art greenhouse facility; Instrumental in company expansion while improving production efficiencies and product quality; Actively participated in company’s Veriflora certification process.


Favorite food: authentic Mexican like carnitas or carne asada with homemade beans and rice; Favorite books: The Game of Work and Who Moved My Cheese? “I think work is much better if you try to make it fun. We always need to look for new ways of doing things to not get stagnant in life.”

Fun Fact

Chad speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). When he was 19, Chad served a two-year church mission in Brazil. “You really grow up fast living away from your family in another country from ages 19 to 21.”