A Growing Passion — James Rockwell 2015

Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Virginia, 2015 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year, James Rockwell, found himself immersed in the agriculture industry at an early age.... view

Plans to Succeed — Amy Hinkle 2011

While many college students often neglect to take full advantage of their breaks from school, Amy Hinkle spent this past summer in Stillwater, Okla., working for a cut... view

Breeding Excellence — Adam Moseley 2012

Adam Moseley has a busy year ahead of him. The University of Florida student is set to graduate in the spring with a bachelor’s degree in environmental horticulture,... view

Building Improvements into Your Structure

Growers are constantly looking for innovative and effective ways to get the most out of their production facilities. Here are some of the latest options to achieve those... view

Growing On At Plant Marketing

In spite of the economic downturn, Wisconsin-based Plant Marketing continues to grow in more ways than one. As you drive through the rolling hills of west central... view

Best of Both Worlds — Drew Guffey 2010

Drew Guffey, the 2010 GPN/Nexus Intern of the year, is striking a balance between his old-school training in a family business with the new techniques and knowledge he... view

Giving Displays a Second Look

Grower/retailers already have a lot on their plates. Knowing your display-fixture options before you dive into the investment could save you a headache. view

Why Should I Build a Greenhouse Now?

Today’s uncertain economy has many growers wondering when they should invest in building a new greenhouse. If you look at many of the different factors that go into this... view

Petal to the Metal — Paul Jemison 2009

Always eager to take the road less traveled and go outside of his comfort zone, Paul Jemison is carving his own path in this fast-changing industry. And all signs point... view

Raise the Roof

Building a new greenhouse is full of challenges and — when done right — rewards. Retailer/grower/landscaper Mulhall’s shares its journey from beginning to end. The... view

Combating Rising Energy Costs

The industry is feeling the effects of the economy, and no one is going untouched by it. Here are some ways to maintain a more energy-efficient greenhouse. It seems no... view

Where Are They Now? 2008

From rising stars to surprising career twists, we catch up with the nine GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year scholarship winners. view

Learning to Conserve

Creating an energy-efficient greenhouse structure can be challenging, with rising energy costs and resources becoming scarce in parts of the country. But Pleasant View... view

Rooted in Passion — Eric Pitzen 2008

Armed with four diverse internships under his belt and an unwavering zeal for the field, the 2007 winner of the GPN/Nexus Intern Scholarship isn’t just ready to join the... view

What's Happening With Structures?

For most growers, the greenhouse structure is the largest investment in their business, so it is critical to select the right greenhouse type for their respective needs... view

Finding Her Path — Alina Lovelace 2007

The 2006 recipient of the GPN/Nexus Intern Scholarship, Alina Lovelace, realized she didn’t want to be a grower after completing her first internship, which led her to a... view

Building A Fresh Start

To avoid a hodgepodge of buildings at their new site, the growers at Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens created a master plan for their new Salem, Utah, build. view

Trend Spotting: Structures

Learn what some of the industry’s greenhouse manufacturers see as this year’s key trends in structures. Each year, GPN reaches out to the industry to find what is new in... view

Learning The Financial Way — Scott Stiles 2006

Far from his comfort zone, this year’s winner took an internship with a financial organization and came out the winner of the 7th Annual GPN/Nexus Intern Scholarship.... view

Love in a Pennsylvania Greenhouse

“The greenhouse is critical because it houses all of the systems, but don’t get caught up in the square foot cost of the greenhouse because it’s the other stuff that’s... view