CowPots Now Available in New Sizes and Prices

January 12, 2010 - 13:01

CowPots, the award-winning biodegradable growing pots from The Liquid Fence Company, are now available in new sizes of pots and flats for consumers and growers.

Beside the currently available 3-inch CowPots in 12 packs and 4-inch CowPots in 12 packs, now gardeners can grab the 3-inch CowPots in 6-cell flats with three flats per package at their favorite garden center. Along with the size upgrades, prices have been downgraded, made possible by "new advances in production techniques,” according to Edward Abraham, president of The Liquid Fence Company.

And for commercial growers, there are five new sizes of CowPots available in bulk: 5-inch square and round pots, and 6-cell flats now join the already popular 3- and 4-inch square pots.

“Gardeners and growers alike love our CowPots, and when they asked us for additional sizes, we listened,” said Matt Freund, who invented the pots with his brother Ben.

Made with 100 percent renewable composted cow manure, these handy pots for seedlings save time, are packed with the goodness of manure, and allow young roots to breathe and grow out the sides and bottoms, producing sturdier, healthier plants. And because they're biodegradable, consumers don't have to worry about recycling or disposing of plastic pots, a real time and money saver.

CowPots have received the The Mail Order Gardening Association’s Green Thumb Award and Joe Lamp’l’s “Best of the Must-Haves for 2008,” and Mike Rowe featured CowPots on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, saying, "Brown is the new green!” For more information, visit CowPots' website or read GPN's article on the product here.

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