Cravo Equipment, Ltd.

Cravo is the leading manufacturer of retractable roof greenhouses, shadehouses and curtain systems. Our structures are engineered and designed to create the best environment whether it be for protecting plants, people or animals. With an assortment of flat or peaked roof structures Cravo retractable roofs, available with one or more layers, achieve the most efficient and effective means of shading, cold & wind/hurricane protection, or heat retention. Cravo custom designs to meet the permit requirements of its' clients whether it be for perennial plant production, year round vegetable or food production, or as an outdoor shopping structure. In north america, call toll free 888 738 8226

30 White Swan Road
Brantford ON
N3T 5L4

Company Products

The retractable A-frame greenhouse is designed to create the best growing environment 24 hours a day. It offers maximum cooling by closing the roof and curtain in opposite...
This retractable-roof greenhouse allows crops to benefit from the natural outdoor environment, when suitable, yet protects crops from adverse conditions when necessary. It is...