October 02, 2015
Proven Winners has announced the dates and locations for its 2015 Road Shows. Proven Winners' team of plant and retail professionals, including John Gaydos, Dave Konsoer, and... more
October 02, 2015
BASF recently expanded its Littlehampton, United Kingdom production site to help strengthen the company's ability to sustainably meet the growing global demand for biological... more
October 01, 2015
America in Bloom (AIB) handed out its annual awards during its 2015 meeting in Holland, Michigan, on Sept. 26, 2015.All participants were evaluated on six criteria: overall... more
October 01, 2015
Ball Seed recently redesigned its website to better reach customers on-the-go. The new BallSeed.com uses responsive design for mobile-friendly content and clear navigation to... more
September 23, 2015
One of the key economic stories shaping the last half of 2015 is when and by how much the Federal Reserve will raise its federal funds rate. The federal funds rate — the... more
September 23, 2015
"A Shade Better” is the company motto at Red Oak Greenhouse. Their goal is to provide retail customers (and end-consumers) with the highest quality products and best service... more
September 22, 2015
A common question I’m asked is what the best lighting strategy is to promote early spring flowering of bedding plants and/ or herbaceous perennials. The answer to such a... more
September 22, 2015
In recent years, coreopsis has become one of the most popular genera of perennials. It’s easy to see why when you witness their eye-catching display of vibrant blooms. The... more
September 22, 2015
It’s not that often a new variety comes along that captivates the industry with not only its stunning appearance, but also possesses the attributes of easy-to-grow, long-... more

Early to bloom, ‘ColorWorks Homare’ is extremely florif- erous with striking colors and exhibits outstanding garden performance. Its strong semi-trailing habit is ideal for both basket and pot production.

  • Early to bloom, ‘ColorWorks Homare’ is extremely florif- erous with striking colors and exhibits outstanding garden performance. Its strong semi-trailing habit is ideal for both basket and pot...
  • ‘Parfum Blueberry a la Mode’ is a beautiful upright and fragrant nemesia discovered in Japan. It features blue yellow flowers on the very top of the plant, and is an ideal choice for cool weather and...
  • Derived from campanula ‘Samantha’, ‘Blue Orb’ shares the unique quality of perpetual flowering throughout the summer. Its upright, cup-shaped flowers are rich blue in color, and as one flower fades...
  • SolarPower is bred to be the best matched ipomoea series and most efficient in production. Densely branched plants hold their shape and color in land- scape and mixed combinations all summer. Use a...
  • ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
    Laser Snowridge cyclamen boast thick petals with a distinct white edge. They hold up well to Botrytis and heat stress in pots or when planted in garden beds. Plants are ready for transplant 10 to 12...
    ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
  • ‘Success! Pink’ & ‘Success! White’ Petunias
    Bred for earliness, Success! petunias are seven days earlier than other petunias. They are uniform in both timing and habit. Success! can be used in pots, hanging baskets, mixed containers and the...
    ‘Success! Pink’ & ‘Success! White’ Petunias
  • Trifolium '4 Luck Red Green'
    ‘4 Luck Red Green’ will add excitement for all gardeners. It is cold tolerant to Zone 4 but also tolerates temperatures more than 100° F. The brilliance of the leaf color increases with cool...
    Trifolium '4 Luck Red Green'
  • Rex begonia
    Rex begonia ‘Jurassic Green Streak’ boasts bold colors and patterns for deep shade. Fast to finish, this variety reaches 10 to 16 inches tall and spreads 8 to 12 inches.
    Rex begonia
  • Abelia
    The leaf variegation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ is striking and dramatic. Changing colors emerge on bright red stems with lime-green centers and bright yellow edges. When summer arrives, the yellow matures to...
  • Kong Jr.’s heart-shaped leaves are 30 percent smaller than the original Kong’s, but just as stunning. Leaf size is well matched across the series. These new coleus varieties perform well in...

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