Culture tips for Ramblin’ Trailing Petunias

March 18, 2002 - 11:30

Burgundy Chrome’ or ‘Peach Glo’ — no matter the color, these petunias are easy to grow.

Debuting in 2001 with ‘Nu Blue’, ‘Burgundy
Chrome’, ‘Shades of Pink’ and ‘Peach Glo’, the
Ramblin’’ series’ determinate plant habit won’t take
over the bench or garden bed, making it the perfect choice for a hanging basket
or a 4-inch petunia program. Easy to grow, these center-flowering petunias are
profuse bloomers that will jump-start both spring and fall market petunia

Start your engines

Ramblin’ is as easy to grow as the traditional
grandiflora petunia series. Sow seed on a saturated media and germinate at
72-76° F. Provide 10-100 foot candles to obtain optimum germination. Begin
fertilizing in Stage 2 with an EC of 1.1-1.5. If desired, supplemental lighting
at 400 foot candles for a 16-hour day will initiate even earlier flower bud
development. Producing a high-quality petunia plug is dependent upon careful
water management during Stage 3. Allow the media to go through wet/dry cycles
every 24 hours. To avoid stretching, reduce ammonium and apply only
calcium-based fertilizers. Reduce temperatures to 65-68° F to produce a
stronger seedling. Growth regulators may be applied after the first true leaves
have appeared. Begin toning the petunia seedlings in Stage 4 by manipulating
water, temperatures and nutrients. Continue with the wet/dry cycles every 24
hours, and reduce temperatures to 62-65° F.

Supplemental calcium and magnesium can be applied to promote
additional root growth.

Transplant Ramblin’ as soon as a root system is
established. Root-bound plugs do not transplant well.

Green lights all the way

Ramblin’ trailing petunias use less growth regulators
and are not as daylength sensitive as other trailing-type petunias, making
Ramblin’ very economical to grow. Transplant Ramblin’ into hanging
baskets, 4-inch and larger containers. Ramblin’ is also a great addition
to mixed color bowls. Grow as you would any other grandiflora petunia. A heavy
feeder, Ramblin’ should be fertilized with a complete fertilizer at a
rate of 150-200 ppm. After buds set, lowering temperatures to 55-60° F can encourage
basal branching and compactness. Ramblin’ petunias are responsive to
B-Nine, Bonzi, Sumagic and DIF for controlling growth.

The Road to Success

Gardeners can expect Ramblin’ to trail 1.5-2.5 feet
over a container’s edge or spread 2.5-3 feet in the garden bed. In
addition to its trailing habit, Ramblin’ will also mound 10-12 inches to
create a display that is easily viewed from a distance.

A recent addition to The Flower Fields program, the
Ramblin’ series will expand to seven colors for 2002 with the addition of
‘Lilac Glo’, ‘Neon Rose’ and ‘Salmon
Capri’. Take Ramblin’ trailing petunias to the limit by offering
these exciting colors for both your early spring and fall season petunia

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