Dümmen to Split Costs of New Product With Growers

August 9, 2010 - 05:29

Dümmen USA has found a way to help growers and market their products. The company will share 50 percent of the cost of the new Potunia GreenPack six-pack/handle with growers.

“Dummen believes very strongly in the future commercial success of the Potunia GreenPack and wants to demonstrate that confidence by helping growers to grow the product the first time with less financial risk,” said Perry Wismans, chief business development officer.

The GreenPack is available through Summit Plastics and Janor Pot. The flowers are packaged in an eye-catching color and the handle showcases five popular Red Fox varieties, 'Potunia Neon', 'Dark Red', 'Deep Purple', 'Pink' and 'Yellow'.

For more information, contact Dümmen USA's office in Hilliard, Ohio, at info@dummenusa.com or 614.850.9551.

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