Dümmen USA Makes Changes

March 18, 2005 - 11:44

Dümmen USA moved its offices, just before last spring shipping season, from Cresco, Iowa, to Columbus, Ohio. As a result of the new staff and the start up of the real time order administration system the breeder company was successful in handling all orders with the accuracy growers desired.

Dümmen USA has seen a steady increase in demand for Red Fox products, which has led to the creation of a new rooting station network. Dümmen USA is announcing its partnership with Battlefield Farms, Rapidan, Va.; Bob’s Market and Greenhouses, Inc., Mason, W.V.; and Timbuk II Plant Company, Granville, Ohio. "It will be this team’s objective to set new industry standards by providing the highest quality in multiple rooted product forms and offering cross docking to supply your clients in the quickest and most cost effective way," said Dümmen USA.

This new team of rooting partners will exclusively handle Dümmen USA’s rooted cutting orders from spring 2006 on. Until that time Plantpeddler will handle part of the existing poinsettia and begonia bookings. More detailed information about product forms, shipping methods and pricing will come to you within the next weeks.

Dümmen USA also announces its new Web site, www.dummenusa.com. The Web site contains detailed product information, real time availability, contact information and other general information regarding the company.

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