August 23, 2010 - 23:00

Fides has added five new colors to the popular Dahlinova Hypnotica series this year, for a grand total of 12. Three of the five new varieties feature unique bicolored blooms. Dahlinova Hypnotica varieties boast large flowers that grow up to 4 inches. The series is uniform and plants have a vigorous habit. Dahlia varieties in this series are best suited for containers 6 inches and up.

Plant unrooted cuttings deep, at least up to the first set of leaves. Use one liner per gallon container. Keep plants well misted until root initials appear. Optimum rooting temperature is 70° F. Average rooting time is three weeks.

Decrease temperature when growing on. Maintain day temperature at 65-70° F and night temperature at 63-65° F. Plant requires one pinch at four to five leaves. Crop time is seven to nine weeks.

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