Densu Ventures Inc.

Densu Coir is a high quality organic substrate made from 100 percent coconut husk.

It is produced from scratch as a professional grade substrate and not a byproduct. Densu Coir has very low EC levels and pH levels are optimized for efficient plant nutrient intake.
Particles sizes are designed to strike a balance between porosity and WHC, which drastically reduces the risk of damping off.

Densu Coir reduces grower costs by reducing labor and water costs and perlite/vermiculite use.

University and independent tests prove that Densu Coir outperforms its competitors and is in a class of its own among Coir. Densu Coir is OMRI listed. Our products are 100% organic.

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Company Products

Densu-Coir is custom manufactured for use by professional growers and is not obtained as byproduct of the fiber industry. It is made exclusively from dried coconut husks...