November 4, 2008 - 00:00

Red and Carmine Rose are two new colors in the diascia Miracle series. These varieties are bred for heat tolerance and, with a mounding/trailing habit, are best suited for full baskets and combinations.
Water thoroughly and let soil dry at young age or just after transplanting. Keep soil consistently damp once plants are well established. The pH of the soil should be maintained at 5.5-6.0.
Keep temperature at 50-58° F nights and 60-66° F days. The quality of plants increases with cooler growing temperatures, but the flowering is much slower at these temperatures.
Feed with a balanced feed at 200-ppm nitrogen. In a soilless mix, additional iron may be required. Be cautious that salts do not build in soil complex. High salts will burn leaves or flowers when soil dries or plant is stressed.
Watch for aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Botrytis is the largest disease concern. Spray at regular intervals for preventive measure. Good air movement around plants will also eliminate Botrytis pressures.

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