Ecke Introduces SNAP System

May 20, 2011 - 09:35

As seen at the California Spring Trials, Ecke Ranch has launched its new SNAP System 78 for plant propagation.

As seen at the California Spring Trials, Ecke Ranch has launched its SNAP System 78 to the floriculture industry. In development for about eight years, the new Ecke SNAP System 78, or ES78, arrives to growers with just two weeks remaining to complete the propagation cycle. ES78 includes callused, pre-stuck cuttings in 78-cell trays with a proprietary packing material in each cell. As a result, two weeks and three costly propagation phases are saved in a snap. Growers can use that extra space to turn another crop through propagation.

The Ecke SNAP System is designed to add value and enhance grower success by reducing labor, energy, crop time, materials and propagation risk for growers, when compared to the standard unrooted cutting.

Paul Ecke III, owner, said, "There has been little innovation in unrooted cuttings for the past 20 years. By changing that, we aim to reinvent the supply chain and the way growers use cuttings to increase profits and decrease risk."

Steve Rinehart, chief operating officer, added, "By using our Guatemala and Mexico farms to process and stick the callus cuttings and pre-stick them in the 78-cell packing material, we have taken costs out of the system and our domestic growers no longer have the peak labor required to quickly stick unrooted cuttings."

The Ecke SNAP System is available delivered by Ecke's own logistics in most genera produced by Ecke Ranch, including geraniums and poinsettias. For more information, please visit

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