Ecke Ranch Launches New Programs

March 30, 2006 - 16:08

In an effort to better address changes in market channels and grower demands, Ecke Ranch recently introduced two new programs with direct customer benefits.

Ecke is debuting two programs at their private spring trials in April 2006. Both programs are designed to reduce costs, increase inventory turns and enhance the overall experience customers have with Ecke’s products. Andy Higgins, president of Ecke Ranch, said, “We have received a number of inquiries since changing our spring trial format. We provide this snapshot of where Ecke is headed — how we are combining dependable, reliable production with science and genetics to offer our customers more solutions.”

Quick Turn-QT-72. This rooted cutting program has numerous grower benefits. For a price similar to a traditional rooted cutting, growers get a well-toned and pre-programmed cutting that should flower 4-6 weeks after planting. “Ecke has spent considerable research dollars developing the science and scheduling protocols behind this product. It is a combination of genetics, science and domestic production know-how achieved only in southern California. We are really excited that growers can now ship for Easter, reload and ship again for Memorial Day using the same greenhouse space,” said Ricardo Campos, Ecke’s director of sales.

Ultra Paradise New Guinea Impatiens. This refined series offers growers cultivars that are bred to flower in 12 weeks from an unrooted cutting. Using new tools developed in conjunction with Jim Faust of Clemson University, customers can time and schedule their New Guinea impatiens accurately and confidently. Steve Rinehart, Ecke’s COO, said, “We know from experience that most New Guinea impatiens series, including our competitors, have flower responses that range from 10 to 17 weeks. We have worked closely with our breeder to develop a series that flowers in 12 weeks using the revolutionary bud meter. Now, our customers can time a crop using science and genetics rather than guesswork.”

These two programs will be featured at Ecke Ranch’s spring trials. For more information, contact Ricardo Campos at (760) 944-4009 or or Snow Maestas at (760) 944-4031 or

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