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Farm Wholesale Ag has worked closely with the nursery and agricultural industry for over 20 years to design corrugated plastic products that save businesses time and money. The top selling Solexx greenhouse covering has helped nurseries reduce labor and heating expenses. The strong twin-wall material won’t tear or shatter and lasts for years with little maintenance. The insulated covering retains heat resulting in lower heating bills. Other popular products include corrugated tree protectors, grow tubes (they work like a mini greenhouse for young nursery stock), and corrugated plastic harvesting totes. Call for a free sample and literature on any of the Farm Wholesale Ag products.

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Company Products

Twin-wall Solexx paneling is intended to save money on heating costs with its 2.1R insulation rating, while providing 70 to 75 percent diffused light to plants. The heavy-...
Solexx greenhouse covering is a sturdy, twin-walled material made of an advanced formulation of polyethylene. It comes in rolls 491/2 inches wide and up to 1,000 feet long....