Find New PANTS in Atlantic City

June 13, 2008 - 13:07

No, we’re not talking about browsing the racks at your favorite department store — it’s time again for the Penn Atlantic Nursery Show (PANTS), which will be held from July 19 to 31 in Atlantic City, N.J. The show will display the latest trends, exhibited by more than 500 of the country’s top growers and suppliers.

Several new venues will be featured, including the PANTS Park, PANTS Garden Center and PANTS Hands-On Training Pavilion. The PANTS Park will include a fully landscaped showcase of new plants and products, as well as educational seminars that provide credit for AIA, CLT, PCH and PA State Certification of Landscape Architects. You will also find free demonstrations all day at the Lecture Series in the Park.

The PANTS Garden Center will host industry experts like Judy Sharpton and Carol Miller who will present their ideas on subjects, such as retailing and going green in the garden center. Small-group consultation will also be available.

The PANTS Hands-On Training Pavilion will be highlighted by EP Henry’s presentation of basic paver and wall installation. Visitors also may attend a free session on modular fireplaces and veneer settings.

Whether you’re simply looking for ideas or eager to get some valuable hands-on experience, PANTS is a great opportunity to see what’s out there — and try it on for size. For more information, visit

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