FIRST Announces Research Projects

December 10, 2004 - 14:13

In its December 2004 newsletter, FIRST announced the research projects it will fund in 2005, with the advice of its Growers Advisory Council. According to FIRST, “there were many worthwhile proposals; the choices were made based on money available and perceived usefulness to growers.” Here is a list of the projects FIRST is funding:

  • Colleen Warfield - North Carolina State University, "Evaluation of the Potential Role of Chitosan Films for Enhanced Bacterial Disease and Foliar Nematode Control in Ornamental Crops." The funding amount is $10,960.
  • Erik Runkle - Michigan State University, "Quantifying and Enhancing the Postharvest Life of Unrooted Cuttings during Shipping and Storage." The funding amount is $12,000.
  • Michael Evans - University of Arkansas, "Use of Combinations of Nonbiological and Biological Amendments to Create Highly Disease Suppressive Growing Media." The funding amount is $5,300.

According to FIRST, “this year had $28,000 available for research, making the funding decisions difficult. A compromise was reached by funding the Disease Suppressive Media project at 50 percent of the amount requested.”

“Research funding is low this year due to low returns on investments, but the situation is improving, and FIRST is looking forward to increasing research funding in the next few years,” according to FIRST.

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