First Step Greenhouses

First Step Greenhouses is a specialized grower of annual bedding plant plugs,perennial plugs and vegetative liners. Our goal is to provide the highest quality plugs available and through Direct Sales to far exceed the customer service levels that supplier/broker relationships offer.

Our annual plugs are available in 512, 288 and 144 trays.Perennial plugs are available in 288 and 144 trays. Our vegetative liners are available in a 50 cell Elle Pot. First Step Greenhouses produces plugs 52 weeks a year and publishes an availability list weekly.
Located in Southern California, we are able to offer you a highly toned, quality plug. Being southern grown also means each plant has more accumu

43315 Calle Rocinante
Temecula CA

Company Products

Bred by Keither Oliver, ‘Gold Velvet’ has clean foliage and bright-yellow flowers. Plant height ranges from 3 to 41/2 feet. The Velvet Range hybrids come from a breeding...