Formflex Horticultural Systems

Formflex North America distributes the MTZ automated systems for hanging baskets, in-ground chain track, M-Track, M-Truck and M-Trike, as well as lifting systems, crop handling carts and pipe rail carts.

FormFlex is also the worldwide market leader and specialist in the development and production of gutter systems for the hydroponic production of various vegetables and flowers.

4640 Falletta Court
Beamsville ON

Company Products

The M-Lift is a complete series of hydraulic scissor lifts available in three types to accommodate different maximum heights: 9, 14 and 18 feet. They are designed for pipe...
The M-Track is a new logistical solution for greenhouses based on an induction led tractor. Harvesting/shipping carts are coupled behind this tractor for transportation...
Formflex introduces a new logistical solution in greenhouses: The M-Track. An Internal Transportation System, based on an induction led tractor. Harvesting/shipping carts are...
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