FPO Creates Web Link Policy

July 27, 2006 - 13:56

The Flower Promotion Organization (FPO) recently announced a new policy allowing floriculture industry professionals the opportunity to link to the FPO Web site.

Web traffic at www.flowerpossibilities.com/ and www.flowermd.com has increased more than 85 percent in part due to the popularity of the flower care and handling tips, flower recipes, podcast and encyclopedias on the sites. The new policy is expected to drive even more traffic to the sites.

“There’s benefit for our industry in giving consumers easy access to quality information and that has always been our goal with our Web sites,” said Stan Pohmer, executive director of the FPO. “Providing reciprocal links only makes it easier for the consumer to gain this access with fewer mouse clicks on their part.”

To create a reciprocal link between your organization’s site and the FPO Web sites, you need to complete the request form at www.flowerpossibilities.com/. After the request has been reviewed and approved, FPO will provide logos and the required technical information to create the links.

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