FPO Passes Media Milestone

November 10, 2006 - 09:44

The Flower Promotion Organization (FPO) passed the 5,000 mark in traditional consumer media coverage recently. More than 5,000 stories based on FPO press releases and public relations activities have been generated in the U.S. media since the FPO launched its campaign in 2000. This is over and above any paid advertising or the thousands of Internet articles picked up by sites such as Fortune.com, Yahoo.com and many others, according to FPO.

“We have a compelling story to tell about cut flowers, and the media has recognized this by picking up our ideas and content,” said William Carlson, managing director of the FPO. “Our flower recipe program that shows consumers easy ways to incorporate cut flowers into their everyday lives and lifestyles has been the cornerstone of our Web site and public relations efforts. By building a PR campaign on this simple concept, we have been able to create a consistent and sustained message that the media and consumers have repeatedly embraced.”

Facts and statistic highlights on the FPO consumer campaign include:

  • Total consumer impressions: more than 831,791,000
  • States appeared in: 50 plus the District of Colombia
  • Television markets appeared in: 197 of the 210 media markets
  • Television markets with more than 1 million impressions: 85
  • Market with the most frequent newspaper coverage: Daily Press, Newport News, Va. (12 stories)
  • Market with the most frequent TV coverage: KARE 11, Minneapolis, Minn. (13)
  • Television coverage: 279 individual stories or interviews
  • Radio coverage: 1,590 individual stories or interviews
  • Print coverage: 3,131 individual stories or interviews

“The key to our successful public relations campaign is consistent and sustained communication of a common message delivered in ways that the consumer can easily understand and implement,” said Stan Pohmer, executive director of the FPO. “We not only excite and inspire the consumer, but show them easy ways to use and enjoy flowers, and we’ll continue building on these successful efforts in 2007.”

Detailed data can be viewed at the “FPO Near You” section of the SAF Web site under the “Retailer’s Corner” button at www.flowerpossibilities.com/includes/state1.html.

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