June 21, 2010 - 23:00

Master Idols is a unique series of large-flowered zonal geraniums. The series includes extra vigorous plants that branch extremely well. They are very suitable growing under warm conditions. This series is an ideal choice for patio pots and can also be used in borders and flowerbeds. There are five available colors in the series: Scarlet Red, Coral, Pink, Neon Purple and White.

When rooting, keep plants well misted for the first three to five days. Lower the frequency until day five. Optimum rooting temperature is 70° F. Average rooting time is three to four weeks.
Keep temperature at 70° F for two weeks after transplant to ensure good rooting. Growing on, decrease temperature to 65° F days and 55-60° F nights.

For growth regulation, spray Cycocel (chlormequat chloride) at 88- to 117-ppm two weeks after potting. Repeat once, one to two weeks later.

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